Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is Sago Mini World?

Sago Mini World is a subscription service for preschoolers that features:

  • our complete collection of award-winning games in one kid-friendly app
  • Sago Mini Mail: an exclusive feature that helps kids build empathy and storytelling skills
  • first access to all our new updates and game releases

What age is Sago Mini World suitable for?

Sago Mini is best suited for ages 2-6. Of course, age is just a number – who doesn’t get a kick out of superhero rabbits and hot dog cars?

Is Sago Mini World safe for kids?

Absolutely. We adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule), which ensure the protection and safety of your child’s information online. Read our full privacy policy here.

Is Sago Mini World available internationally?

You bet! You can download it on your country’s App Store, Play Store or on Amazon.

Can I play Sago Mini World offline?

Of course! Once you’ve downloaded the Sago Mini World app, you can choose the games you’d like to access offline. Sago Mini Mail is always available offline, in a safe & kid-friendly environment!

Can I play on more than one device?

You sure can. Any iOS device registered with your iTunes iD can play with the same Sago Mini World subscription.

Why does it say that Sago Mini World has ‘in-app purchases’?

In this case, ‘in-app purchases’ refer to the subscription fee for Sago Mini. Once subscribed, there are no in-app purchases, hidden purchases or third-party advertising.

What happens if I’ve already bought all the games individually? Will they appear in World?

First of all: thank you! You’re a super fan. World will recognize any pre-purchased Sago Mini games you have on your device, so you can play them all in one place. Once you see the games appear in the World menu, you can safely remove the standalone apps from your device. If you're having trouble unlocking your pre-purchased games in World, try:

  1. First, try uninstalling World.
  2. Next, make sure your standalone apps (the ones you already own) are already installed on your device.
  3. Reinstall the World app.
  4. Open World and cycle through the apps – you should see the apps you already own now in World and in color.
  5. Now you'll need to install that app inside World, so tap the yellow download arrow above every app in World. This will install each app, making them available to play within World and offline.
  6. Finally, you can now uninstall your standalone apps and they should remain within World.

Why is World crashing/freezing on my device?

We're really sorry this is happening for you! Crashes and freezes sometimes happen, and they always suck. If you notice a problem with the app on your device, we'd love to try and get it fixed for you. Send us an email at with the following information, which will help us hunt down the problem as quickly as possible.

  • Which mobile device are you currently using?
  • What is the current OS (operating system) installed on that device?
  • Which version of the app are you currently running? (You can check this by opening the World app, and holding 3 fingers down on the main menu screen. A grey bar should appear at the top showing the iOS number.)
  • Is there any game that's causing the app to crash regularly?

I paid for World, but I'm still seeing greyed-out games on the menu. What gives?

We're so sorry – that shouldn't be happening! One thing you can try is to 'Restore Purchases' to make sure your app is 'talking' to our subscription service correctly. How to Restore Purchases:

  • Launch World
  • Tap the gear icon (Settings) on the top right of the title screen
  • Enter birth year
  • Now tap Restore Purchases
If that doesn't resolve your issue, please email and we'll get you sorted out!

Sago Mini Mail

What’s Sago Mini Mail?

Follow your favourite Sago Mini friends on their daily adventures as they snap and share their way around the world!

  • Safe, offline environment
  • Great for building empathy and storytelling skills

Subscription & Cancellation

How much is a subscription?

Sago Mini World offers monthly and annual subscription options. There’s no commitment – you can cancel anytime, without cancellation fee. Check out the product page on your app store of choice to find both the up-to-date monthly and annual subscription cost.

What happens if I’ve already bought all the games individually?

First of all: thank you! You’re a super fan. As long as you have all the individual apps installed on your device, World will recognize and unlock them within the menu – so you're able to play all your individual Sago Mini apps in one place. (Once you see them appear in World's menu, feel free to delete the individual apps from your homescreen).

How does the subscription work?

  • iOS:
    • When you confirm your purchase, payment will be charged through your iTunes account.
    • Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
    • Don’t want to auto-renew? Manage your account and renewal settings in your user Account Settings.
    • You can use your subscription on any device registered with your Apple ID. Like all Apple subscriptions, Sago Mini World can’t use family sharing to share subscriptions across different Apple IDs.
    • Cancel your subscription anytime through your Account Settings, without penalty.
  • GooglePlay or Kindle:
    • With your World subscription, you’ll get unlimited access to all games and activities within the app, for as long as you’re a member.
    • New users will have access to a free trial at the time of sign-up. Users who don’t wish to continue their membership past the trial should cancel before the seven days are up so they aren’t charged.
    • At each renewal date (whether monthly or annually), your account will automatically be charged the subscription fee. If you’d prefer not to be automatically charged, just head to your Account Settings and turn off ‘Auto Renew’.
    • Your subscription can be cancelled at any time, without fee or penalty. (Note: you won’t be refunded for any unused portion of your subscription.)
    • For more information visit the Google Play subscription FAQs or the Amazon app store subscription FAQs.

How do I cancel my subscription?

  • iOS:
    1. Go into your Settings > Your Name > iTunes & App Store
    2. Tap ‘View Apple ID’
    3. Tap ‘Subscriptions’ > Sago Mini World
    4. Turn off ‘Auto-Renewal’
  • Amazon:
    1. On the home screen of your Kindle Fire device, swipe down and tap 'Apps'
    2. Tap 'Store', open the menu and tap 'Manage Subscriptions
    3. Scroll down to find Sago Mini World
    4. Turn off 'auto-renewal' in the 'Actions' menu
  • Google Play:
    1. Open the Play Store app on your device
    2. Tap the Menu button > Account > Subscriptions
    3. Scroll down to 'Sago Mini World' and tap 'Cancel'

Settings & Troubleshooting

Does Sago Mini World use data?

Sago Mini World doesn’t require data or WiFi to play pre-downloaded games. Some form of internet connection (WiFi preferably) is required to download games for future offline play. ‘Download on WiFi only’ is switched on by default, but you can switch it off manually in your Sago Mini World Settings.

Why do I have to download the games individually?

Downloading each game separately within Sago Mini World gives you the freedom to choose which games you’ll be able to play offline, while managing the amount of storage the app takes up on your device. All downloads and games are included in your subscription, and you can download unlimited games onto your device.

Why are some of the games locked?

If you're seeing locked games in the Sago Mini World menu, you're still using the free version of Sago Mini World. Once you become a subscriber, you'll unlock all games and bonus content. If you are subscribed and are seeing locked games, this is likely a bug – send us a note at and we'll try our best to hunt down a solution.

How do I restore my purchase?

  1. Navigate to ‘Settings’ in Sago Mini World
  2. Click ‘Restore purchases’

I’d like to report a bug or share some feedback.

Get in touch at and we’ll follow up with you shortly!

I downloaded a game, but now I can’t play it offline. What happened?

If your device is low on space, Apple may automatically remove in-app content, such as our individual games, to free up room on your device. Just play the game when you’re online again, and it’ll automatically redownload for offline play!

Can you issue refunds?

Unfortunately, as developers, we don't have the capability to directly offer refunds. If you'd like to appeal for a refund through your app store of choice, you can do so here for iOS, here for Google Play and here for Amazon.

Magic Camera

What is the Magic Camera?

Ever wanted to hang out with your Sago Mini pals in real life? Now you can! Just open the Magic Camera game, point your camera at a flat, clear surface and wait until Robin arrives! Tap the 'hints' to uncover delightful animations, surprises and fun! Perfect for encouraging storytelling and spatial awareness, Magic Camera makes parent/child co-play so much fun.

Why doesn't Magic Camera work on my device?

As Magic Camera is a super-futuristic AR game, you'll need a device that can run Apple's AR Kit – you can check if your device fits the bill at the bottom of this page: You'll also need to check that your device is running at least iOS 11.3 or higher.

Why does this app require access to my camera?

Magic Camera uses your device's camera to bring fun animations to life that interact with your current surroundings. You and your child's privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and your device's Camera Permissions will only be used for the AR (augmented reality) functionality. The Magic Camera doesn't take photos or allow you to take photos.

Tips and Tricks

  • For maximum fun, use the Magic Camera in a well-lit location with a flat, clear surface like a table or empty floor.
  • Little hands can sometimes cover the camera without realizing it. Guide your child to hold one hand on each side of the device, or play alongside them!
  • Once you see Robin appear on your screen, go ahead and tap the yellow "hint" that appears above her.
  • Try moving the camera around slowly – Robin will follow you wherever you go!
  • Have the Jinja's House playset? Hover the Magic Camera over it to discover dozens of animated surprises! Can't purchase the Jinja's House playset where you are? You can download a printout here to get a sneak preview of the experience.

About Sago Mini

Who is Sago Mini?

Sago Mini is an award-winning company devoted to play. We make apps and toys for preschoolers worldwide. Toys that seed imagination and grow wonder. We bring thoughtful design to life. For kids. For parents. For giggles. Learn more about the team here.

Why did Sago Mini create a subscription service?

Much like a membership to a museum or art gallery, we think the subscription model is a great way to give our fans unlimited access to our full collection, with no commitment.

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